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Water is the most important element in sustaining life on Earth and without water all life would most likely disappear. It’s an awesome truth that the human fetus is 97% water at two weeks gestation and 75% when born.

Beyond the necessity of water in our lives there are so many advantages of drinking water, including helping us to keep our body’s energy levels while removing toxins and wastes and providing us a healthy glowing complexion. Drinking water also aids in weight reduction. Water is a natural hunger suppressant simply because of the fact that it may fill you up which can help reduce overeating and therefore helps you to maintain your weight. Additionally it is an interesting fact that often when you feel hungry, your body is truly telling you that you need water rather than food.

The benefits of drinking water go beyond simply making healthy people look and feel good. Water also plays a special role for Vero Beach Critter Control those with certain medical conditions such as some types of high blood pressure where drinking water can help to stabilize blood pressure.

Also if you’re diabetic, hyperglycemia dehydrates the blood cells which cause blood glucose to rise. So drinking water is important in maintaining glucose levels.

A good deal of people aren’t in the habit of drinking water except when they’re thirsty, but it is important to develop a routine to make sure that you are drinking enough. It could take some conscious thought at first. Setting up prefilled bottles of water where you can see them all day provides a terrific reminder to get your daily source of H20.

The amount actually depends upon a number of factors such as the climate where we live, our level of physical activity, as well as our interior environment. If we’re in an office or home where there is air conditioning or heating or when the weather is too hot or if we exercise clearly we’ll have to drink more water.

Do not forget that you’ll only get the benefits of drinking water if you really drink it. So don’t wait until you are thirsty before you opt to get a drink of water. By then your body is already dehydrated. It’s better to drink small amounts of water rather than gulping down a large quantity at once and your stomach will thank you. Make sure you do not drink too much water only before any strenuous activity and of course before bed time or you’ll be awake all night running to the bathroom.

If you’re thinking you’re getting the benefits of drinking water through teas, colas, sports drinks or other carbonated beverages, think again. Despite what advertisers would have you think sports drinks won’t irritate you any better than plain water; colas and other sweetened soft drinks simply are not great for the body as well as the acids used to carbonate these beverages can damage your teeth and in huge amounts can even weaken bones. You also won’t receive any benefits of drinking water if you fill up on soft drinks. You’re just packing on a great deal of empty calories because of the high sugar content. Coffee and teas have an added disadvantage as they actually work against hydration. Both of these high caffeine beverages act as diuretics, meaning that the more you drink, the more your kidneys will pull fluids from your bloodstream.

The importance of drinking water appears obvious. Water comprises some very unique qualities that no other beverage can substitute. It may mean making some life changes to be certain you you’re getting the full benefits of drinking water, but it is going to change your life in return.

Benefits of drinking water

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