Hallway, Hotel, Spooky, Creepy, HauntedThose who can remember the song from their childhood memories, they can really discuss the mystical significance of the song. Initially the religious zealots spread and felt around the song was about Satan or the Satan’s church. The tune began being considered as evil as well as the kids were restrained from listening to this song without actually comprehending the Hotel California Meaning. Daytona Animal Removal.

The group members didn’t also break up the tune, line wise and just spread the word about stating that it was about self indulgence. Don Henley who was the lyricist of this album added that it was essentially about the dark side of America and also about the surplus of luxuries in the area. He also added that the idea of the album isn’t about the standard old West cowboy motif and instead was about urban motif seeking to express the Meaning to Hotel California. Some people also have attempted to capitalize on the success of this tune as the owner of the resort asserts that his hotel has been the home for Eagles as it seems as though they wrote the song when staying at the rooms of that resort. Then finally the rumours about the song become a legend of the tune.

A few other rumours spread about the record were like it’s a place that’s conducted by cannibals who allow only those guests who might be served for dinner or it’s all about addiction of drugs and the title of the resort is a code phrase for the use and dependence of cocaine whereas the line ” the smell of colitis rising in the atmosphere” was originally written with regard to the odor of burning Marijuana.

There was also a belief about the resort it represents the Satan master who had been Aliester Crowley and the resort was his mansion in which all bizarre things used to happen. The nick name of Crowley was “The Beast” and regardless of all these rumours the tune was still a massive success with all sorts of Meanings to Hotel California. There’s also no additional view about the fact that the record managed to sell more than 16 million copies in the complete US and was also declared to be the number one album for eight months always from the year 1977.

The real Hotel California Meaning says that the song was about rock-n-roll lifestyle that called the actual lives of the boys that got together as the Eagles ring and made it to the top together. As their lifestyle was such that they saw all ups and downs with an easy access to everything like celebrations, cash, drugs and even girls they then tried to communicate the message that once somebody becomes habitual of the lifestyle then if he likes it or not, he can never leave or come from the lifestyle later.

What does the Hotel California mean?

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